North Cobb Bass Club
                               Cobb County, GA.  

Why Join a Bass Club??

1. The camaraderie

For some bass anglers out there, it might be tough to find others who are just as passionate about the sport as you are. That's where a bass club comes in. Join and you'll soon have lots of friends who love it as much as you do and who want to go out and spend time on the water.

2. The education

Bass clubs are great resources for learning more about your local fisheries and the best techniques in your area. Through tournaments or just fun fishing, you'll get a real education on area waters and the methods that work best there.

3. The competition

If you enjoy competition, bass clubs are a great outlet. Most hold tournaments at least once a month or so, and the members are usually some of the very best sticks on local waters, so you can learn while you're out there competing.

4. What do you want?

To make the right decision and join the right club, you have to decide what you personally would like out of your club membership. Do you want to be active in conservation, youth and charity, or do you just want to fish?


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