Tearing down a commercial or residential property is a procedure that needs to be planned and consider several factors such as debris disposal, the building’s location, and the type of materials used. Various demolition approaches are utilized based on how appropriate they are for every factor. Here are the most typically utilized demolition approaches.  


Selective demolition 

Selective demolition is performed with the goal of recycling and reusing the materials of the building. As much as possible, wiring, steel, and concrete are recovered. Since this method is quite labor-intensive, this could reduce the cost of the following building completed on the site. But, take note that selective demolition won’t work well with buildings with a light frame.  

Implosion demolition 

Implosion demolition utilizes explosions to tear down a building or any structure. Rather than using a forceful explosion outward, the explosion’s force is fixed at crucial support spots, which can immediately be weakened. As a result, the building’s weight will be unstable. It collapses in falls down in a regulated way as well.  

Basically, this method is famous for bringing down big constructions in urban locations. The blueprints of a structure are utilized to know where top position points for the explosives. Moreover, the demolition crew can determine some points whose weaknesses can assist the purpose. Then, controlled continuous detonations will be applied to tear down structures.  

Implosion demolition is a technique that must only be performed by experienced and trained people due to the involved risks and dangers. This is especially true when the building is within a busy location and is linked to surrounding buildings,   


Ball and crane demolition 

This demolition approach is probably the oldest one accessible today. Bringing down concrete structures greatly relies on the physical force done by a wrecking ball. Usually, the ball is bonded to a crane, which is either dropped on the structure or swung onto any building. Normally, this ball potentially weighs almost 13,500 lbs.  

Ball and crane demolition has a lot of restrictions, though. It can just be utilized on buildings with a low height of at least 3 story buildings and this should never be close to power lines. Moreover, the crane needs to run by an experienced and qualified operator who can exactly hit for optimum force. Moreover, this technique can produce lots of debris, dust, and noise.   

High reach arm demolition 

This kind of demolition utilizes base equipment, commonly an excavator that activates the demolition arm, which can go beyond 20 m. The arm is equipped with demolition tools at the end, such as crushers, hammer, and shear. Plus, it’s telescopic. This kind of demolition targets more precisely compared to the ball and crane since particular demolition tools can be utilized on various materials like concrete or steel. But, it’s still restricted due to the arm’s height. Moreover, its arm can’t be run below power lines as well.  

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